Information to all participants and all presenters

To all participants

The Virtual CCA2021 will be held using the "Zoom" and "SpatialChat" platforms. This workshop is browser-based.

All meeting participants are encouraged to download the latest version of Google Chrome and use it as a browser to join the meeting.

To join the conference with Zoom, please log in by entering your "email address" and the "password" sent in advance. Login is required for each session. Once you log in, you can download abstracts of all presentations. You can also participate in Spatial Chat, where you can have a conversation during a coffee break.

SpatialChat (Kitakyushu & Kyoto coffee break rooms) provides spaces where you can log in during session breaks and enjoy a direct conversation with your colleagues. If you want to log in to SpatialChat, please exit from Zoom once.

In SpatialChat, please set your name when you log in so that the other party can know your existence. You can use a microphone and live camera, but you can also upload your own photo before joining the space.

During the Zoom session, use the raise hand feature to ask the presenter questions during the Q & A time. The session chair will nominate you, so please turn on the microphone and camera and ask questions.

At the time of panel discussion in Zoom, please use the chat function to ask questions to the panelists. The session chair will pick up your question. If necessary, use the raising hand function to ask questions.

From the viewpoint of copyright and information protection, recording of all presentations using the video capture function and screenshot function is prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.

To all presenters

Presenters should check the local start time in your country.

For presentations using PowerPoint, etc. in Zoom, turn on the microphone and camera.

Please note that there may be two types of invited speakers: 30 minutes (25 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q & A) and 20 minutes (15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q & A).

For general lectures, please consider giving a presentation in 15 minutes
(10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q & A).

All presenters must enter the zoom venue at least 15 minutes before the start of your session. In advance, please confirm attendance by the chairpersons, and confirm your presentation communication status using PowerPoint etc. on the spot.

Depending on the communication environment, you may not be able to make a good presentation. Please check your wifi or LAN communication environment once again.